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It is commonly held in the wine industry that wine makers are by nature, a little eccentric. And truly, who would argue with that? Wine making is tough stuff; it requires patience, intuition, diligence, trust and most of all passion.

You don’t start a career, have children and then decide that what you’d really like to do with all of the spare time on your hands is to start a winery, if you’re not passionate and maybe a little eccentric.

Growing up in Woodinville was a very different experience then it is today. There weren’t the myriad wineries to look up to or visit, there were two. Yet nevertheless a passion was born in me to found a winery here in Woodinville using 100% Washington grapes.
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Winemaking is truly a family affair at Elsom Cellars, view some of the moments in our process of bringing you delicious wine in our photo gallery.

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