The Keeper

Elsom Cellars   x   Stefan Frei 

The Story


Elsom Cellars is driven by a deep commitment to community. We create handcrafted Seattle-made, Washington-grown wines that highlight our stateʼs winegrowing regions and the identity of its urban winemaking culture.

A keeper is many things—a person who looks after something; a protector; a player who defends a teamʼs goal. We created this wine in collaboration with Washington Youth Soccer and Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Stefan Frei to benefit local youth sports programs. Our goal with this release is to bring people together, make meaningful connections, and give back to the place we call home.


The cause

Introducing our new Community Label, The Keeper. This wine is a collaborative effort developed to raise funds for local youth sports charities through Washington Youth Soccer. Washington Youth Soccer’s mission is to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of the State of Washington’s youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition. They support local programs throughout the state to make the sport accessible to everyone.

$15 of every bottle sold is donated to local youth sports organizations through Washington Youth Soccer.



The Keeper is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, and Syrah sourced from three of Washingtonʼs most distinctive vineyards—Artz Vineyard, Alder Ridge Vineyard, and Elephant Mountain Vineyard.Artz Vineyard on Red Mountain is known for producing wines of longevity, structure, and power. Cabernet Sauvignon from this warm site produces wines with ripe red berry notes framed by structured tannins.

The Malbec hails from Alder Ridge Vineyard. Although sitting in a warm region, the vineyardʼs proximity to the cooling wind off the Columbia River moderates and extends the growing season, encouraging complexity and balance in the finished wine. We find that Malbec thrives in this environ- ment, developing a balanced acidity and intriguing notes of dark fruit and cocoa accented by a peppery savory spice. Merlot and Syrah from Elephant Mountain Vineyard round out the wine. Merlot from this site contributes body and softens the tannins for the overall blend, and Syrah lends a complexity and black pepper spice notes.
Altogether, the wine presents a complex and intriguing portrait of Washington State wine.


Columbia Valley
Red Mountain, Horse Heaven Hills & Rattlesnake Hills


Blend: 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Malbec, 20% Merlot, 20% Syrah


The Keeper was born from Founder Jody Elsom’s passion for wine and giving back to the community. Her two children are involved in soccer programs, and this project contributes to organizations that support program accessibility across the state. Youth sports are an essential part of communities—providing children with a way to be physically active, build confidence, and develop teamwork skills.

For me, the wine and wine label have a similar yin/yang disposition.  It was important that our wine label was relevant to the wine in the bottle, representing the balance of the handcrafted ruggedness (from the grittiness of the vineyard, manual labor of harvest, and intimacy with each individual barrel) and elegance of the carefully balanced blend of different varietals and barrel characteristics

Wine making is tough stuff; it requires patience, intuition, diligence, trust, and most of all, passion. We are very passionate about what we are doing, and the main goal is not to make money or financial success but because we love it. It’s a labor of love. Community is a primary pillar of our mission. -Jody Elsom

about the art

Stefan Frei is goalkeeper for the Seattle Sounders. He is an accomplished artist, and is committed to supporting charitable organizations through his art.

My art is and always has been a representation of who I am. As a goalkeeper I try to strive for control and precision in everything that I do. On the flip side I love nature and how organic events lead to beauty that could not be replicated by mankind. This juxtaposition is always present in my works. The application of the underpainting tends to be done in a natural way with drips, flows and mixing that I simply cannot control. Geometric shapes and elements are then overlaid in the most precise way, satisfying my goalkeeper side to create precision and retain control.

One thing I have learned in my career is that talent only takes you so far. Hard work, grit and determination also play a factor in true success. Although I’ve been involved in lots of different fundraisers, through my own experience I know that sports are extremely important for kids growing up. Beyond soccer and art, I want to dedicate time to helping others realize their dreams. -Stefan Frei

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